Standard White Tin Bread.

The method for making this recipe is  the Bulk Fermentation Process (B.F.P.) 

You will require 2 x 450g Tins or 1 x 900g Tin lightly greased and kept warm. 

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Water Temperature. To calculate the water temperature a simple formula is used: 

Double the required dough temperature and take away the measured flour temperature.

  DT X 2  minus FT 

DT = Dough Temperature,  FT = Flour Temperature.                 

The dough temperature given is 27C(80F), if the flour temperature is measured at 19C(66F) the calculations would be thus:

(dough temperature) 27 x 2 = 54 - 19(66F) (flour temperature)  Result, water temperature  35C(95F). As it can be seen, this result will vary depending on the temperature of the flour.

TIP: 2 measures of cold water to 1 measure of boiling water will give a water temperature of 38C(100F)



1lb  4oz (568g) Strong White bread flour.

1/2 oz (14g)  Salt

1/2 oz (14g)  Skim milk powder (Marvel)

1/2 oz (14g) Trex or Lard

1oz (28g) Fresh Yeast.

12oz (340g) Water.

Total  weight  2lb  2oz (952g)

Production Points.

Dough Temperature                 27C (81F)

Bulk Fermentation Time (B.F.T.)    1 Hour

Knock Back (K.B.)                     35-40 minsScaling weight                  2 x 450g (1lb)                       

                                         1 x 900g (2lb)

Baking Temperature 225C,fan 205C, 438F.

Baking Times      25-30 mins (450g)     

                            35-40 mins (900g). 

NOTE: If fresh yeast is not available, replace with 16g ( .6oz) with Dried Active Yeast and reactivate in the measured water. Do not use fast acting yeast.