Festival Breads. 

Harvest Festival Wheat Sheaf
Five Loaves and Two Fishes Festival  Bread

In the UK, harvest would traditionally start on the 1st of August at Lammas, meaning Loaf Mass.

Farmers would make bread from their first cut of wheat and give it to the Church to be used in Communion as a thanksgiving for their harvest.  

This tradition was stopped by Henry VIII when he broke away from the Catholic Church.

Now Celebrated in the Church near to Michaelmas day 29th September.

It is usually held on or near the Sunday of the Harvest Moon. This is a full Moon that occurs closest to the Autumn equinox usually in September but occasionally early October.

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                                                                lb    oz                  Kilo       gram                  

FLOUR (1/2 Plain , 1/2 Strong )          2     0                     1            0

Salt                                                                 1/2                                 15   

Yeast  (fresh)                                                 1/2                                 15  

Fat (Lard or Trex)                                          1/4                                  8                               

Water (cold)                                            1       1                               500ml

This is a very stiff dough and requires a lot of mixing. Do not be tempted to add more water to make the mixing easier. This dough can be made by hand but will be very hard work and take at least 20 minutes mixing by hand.

We suggest that a mixing machine is used if possible. 

Sieve the flour and salt together rub in the fat.

Measure the water and add the yeast.

Stir to disperse the yeast. (if using dried yeast, use half the amount of the stated fresh yeast. Only use the dried active yeast ,do not use the fast acting yeast)

When mixed, cover with a damp cloth or plastic sheet and allow to stand for 30 minutes.

The dough is now ready to process.

For instruction on how to create a Wheat Sheaf

                                                                                Five loaves and two fishes