The pastry needs 6 half turns to create the required numbers of layers of dough and butter.

(1) Roll out the pastry to a rectangle,1.25cm (0.5in) thick, with the length three times the width. Brush off any excess flour before the next stage.

(2) Fold the paste into 3 by folding the bottom third up over the middle third. Fold the top third down to complete the half turn  (see end view diagram below) as in photos 3 and 4. This is one HALF TURN. 

(3) You now need to turn the pastry through 90 degrees (photo 5,6) this is to ensure that the gluten is stretched evenly so that any shrinkage in baking will be even. If you just kept rolling in one direction baked circles are likely to come out of the oven oval. Always brush off excess flour before folding.

(4) Repeat the process once more, the paste will now have had 2 half turns.Cover with cling film or plastic bag to avoid skinning and place in fridge for 20 minutes to allow the gluten to rest and relax.

(5) Repeat the process above, this will give you four turns.

(6) Rest for 20 minutes and then repeat again to obtain the 6 half turns required.

(7) Return to the fridge covered and leave to rest at least 20 minutes before  using.

 TIP. Always ensure that the closed side is on the your right side and that the three open sides are top, bottom and left  before rolling out the next turn. (photo 6). This will ensure the even stretching of the gluten.