(1) Remove the prepared dough and measured butter from the fridge.                                              

(2) Place the dough onto a lightly floured surface. With a sharp knife make two cuts to form a cross  to half the depth of the dough (photo 1 below).

(3) Carefully pull out the four points and with a rolling pin extend the points making them thinner than the middle(photo2).

(4) Form the butter into a square (photo 3) to a size suitable to fit the middle of the dough. This can be achieved by using a rolling pin or by cutting the butter as in the second series of photos.

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 After placing the prepared butter into the centre of the rolled dough start to fold in the 4 points to encase the butter fully in the dough. This will form the Envelope that is characteristic of the French method, this will give you two layers of dough and one layer of butter.

 The pastry is now ready for the LAMINATION stage.                                                                                   return to Puff Pastry

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