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Welcome to our Therapy page. (For all those suffering GBBO panic syndrome )                             www.bakingmatters.co.uk

Are you in Shock—Distressed—Worried— and above all are you suffering from Anxiety due to the recent announcement about  all the changes that are now going to take place on The GBBO …..

Then this is the place for you.


Stage 1.

Take at least 4 deep breaths and then read this right through before taking any action, that way you will be starting the calming process.

Stage 2.

It is a well known fact that making bread by hand is a great way to relieve stress….so why not have a go

You will only need flour, salt, yeast, butter or lard* + water

Check that you have these ingredients first, if you do not have them , do not panic, there is no rush and there is always another day. We do not want to add to your stress.


Go to www.bakingmatters.co.uk/standard-white-tin-bread    for the recipe and full instructions.

This is when the “Therapy “ really starts.

It takes at least 10 minutes to fully develop the Gluten in the dough, once you have mixed everything together.

During this time we suggest you let your mind reflect on all that has been good about GBBO in the past.

Have you watched from the very beginning.

How many past winners can you name.

Who do you think should have won but did not.

Who was your favorite winner.

In other words , everything and anything that has encouraged you to watch the GBBO.

As you near the end of the 10 minute mixing time you can then release all your pent up emotions and give the dough a real good bashing . Whilst doing this, think about those who have made the decision that has allowed this to happen and upset you.

The result will be a lovely smooth silky dough, the best you have ever mixed, and leave you relaxed and at peace with your self.

Stage 3

Whilst your dough is fermenting Why not improve your knowledge

of Baking ingredients…Eggs  Sugar Yeast are just 3 of the many available on this site.

There is also an A-Z  of Baking terms available for you to browse.

Warning!   do not get too engrossed as your dough will over ferment and this could spoil your end product. Do not forget to knock back the dough at the appropriate time.

By now you will be so “into” the bread you are making, all your anxiety about GBBO will be gone from your mind.


There is a baking life, no matter what the future of GBBO is.

Think positive about it and thank the GBBO for stirring your desire to bake. The most important thing is that you now realize that Baking Matters far more than a TV program

Keep saying to your self.

I can do it, I can bake and if GBBO finishes, as it will do one day, there is no need for me to be stressed as there are many  experienced Great British Bakers out there that are only to pleased to help and assist me.

By the time the bread comes out of the oven  you should be free from all the concerns about the GBBO, after all it is only a TV program, and finish up with a beautiful loaf of bread that you will able to enjoy.


We just hope Channel 4 do not combine the GBBO with Naked Attraction and then ask the contestants to fry doughnuts OUCH! and it will not just  be soggy bottoms that will be on show.


We would like to point out that we are Bakers and not medical experts and therefore trust you will take this advice in the manner in which it is intended.

To all GBBO followers Get Well Soon and just remember


Posted 140 weeks ago