About Baking Matters 

 the online British Baking course

 From the complete beginner, to the very experienced, all are welcome to our home baking community.

 Exchange recipes, share your successes and failures, solve your baking problems, ask for and offer advice to your fellow bakers.

 At Baking Matters we believe that there are a lot of people  who enjoy home baking but lack the confidence to have a go. We are here to help and encourage you

The aim is to give practical help and advice not usually found in general baking/cook books and explain terminology in a simple, easy to understand, way.

We strongly  believe in the principle of being able to "walk before you run" and that you have a good understanding of the basics of both practical and theory which will give you better results and a greater enjoyment of home baking. 

There are thousands of baking recipes on many food websites and whilst we include many tried and trusted recipes ourselves our main aim is to help you translate these recipes into a baked product you will be proud of and understand how it is achieved. The aim is to help you learn and enjoy at the same time.

Baking has its own terminology and so to assist there is an A-Z of Baking terms

Find out how things work and happen in Theory

We have included a section on food hygiene and safety in the kitchen. This also includes basic advice on first aid. Whilst this is not a legal requirement for food produced for home consumption, the health and well being of both you and your family is very important.

 If you intend to sell your products to the general public and need help and advise on  current legal requirements please contact us

 Baking Matters  is not only to promote home baking standards and knowledge but to show that baking can be great fun and very enjoyable.

Taking my first ever baking test under the watchful eye of Miss E. Binmore, the domestic science teacher,  as a schoolboy in 1963. 

Taking my first ever baking test

To help and encourage the art of home baking.

The system of learning on this site is the traditional " Product" based system as opposed to the more recently used "Process" method of learning.

Having taught both systems in Further Education, it is our considered opinion that the "Product" method is more suited to this site. 

Learning is about achieving  and if the end product is the ultimate aim of a lesson  we feel this can best be achieved this way.

 "Process" will be learnt as part of this in achieving the end goal.

Most importantly it allows you the learner to set your own level of knowledge requirements.

If you only require how to make a product you are able to do so but if you want to learn and understand how and why, the information will be available to you.

There are thousands of baking related recipes available on many different Web sites, it is not our intention to be recipe based. Whilst we will naturally include recipes relevant to the product being made, this site hopefully will help you make and understand recipes from other sources.

We are a new site, growing daily and look forward to shareing our knowledge and passion for baking  with you.

Please dont hesitate to contact us on any  issues regarding this site or any bakery related questions you may have.


John Royce, Master Baker

Hello, my name is John Royce and I have spent my working life in the craft sector of the British Baking Industry. It all started when,as a school boy, I took part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and needed to have a hobby. As I liked to help my mother in the kitchen, I decided to make baking my hobby. Within 18 months of making this choice I had left school and was signed as an indentured apprentice Baker and Confectioner for four years followed by two more years as an improver. This was followed by a number of years working in craft bakeries gaining experience and improving my skills, eventually obtaining my own shop and bakery. In 1974 I became a member of The NationalAssociation of Master Bakers and four years later was elected President of the Devon Association of Master Bakers. After 18 years of running my own bakery business, I was appointed to the post of Lecturer in Bakery and Patisserie Studies in the School of Catering at Exeter College and spent the next 14 years teaching the craft.It was at this time that I became a contributor to B.B.C. Radio Devon in a series of home baking features, giving hints and tips and answering the listeners questions and giving advice on baking problems. During my career I have been very fortunate to have been associated with a number of outstanding craftsmen who were only to pleased to pass on their skills and knowledge. I now would like to share my knowledge and experience of baking with anyone interested in the subject and to help encourage the craft of home baking.