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"New research reveals that over half of the nation cant even bake a simple cake, despite 82% of us owning specialist baking equipment including cake stands, piping bags and sugar thermometers" 

For all those who like traditional home baking, from the complete beginner to the very experiencedIf you like great British baking, this is the site for you. We believe that it is important to understand and carry out the basics of the craft to fully enjoy the experience of home baking.


 Founded originally in 2001, as an industry based advisor, we now offer our expertise and experience, online, to the home baker. Join us and grow with us in this  venture. about-us.

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Thank you for selecting Baking Matters. We are a new site growing daily. Please check out Theory, Raw Materials,Health and Safety  A-Z of Baking. Why not contact us and give us your thoughts, comments and requirements for this home baking web site.